AI Powered


Insights in minutes, not hours.


Ask questions, find correlations, and create beautiful visualizations - even let trees make decisions for you, all by just saying so!


Clean your data, reformat dates, and perform complex row and column removals - all in a convenient visual interface with navigable history. It's like if you shouted at Excel and it would, well, actually do the thing ...


Complex Analysis

Excel got you down? Need to do some complex analysis? Linear regression? Decision Trees? You can now. All with text!

Ask Questions

Make data analysis as easy as asking a question to a friend ... a really smart friend.


Face it. These can take a while! Just say you want a bar chart grouped by that column and it will be done!


Shareable links make it easy to work with others and continue where you left off.

No Servers

Everything runs in your browser. No data is ever uploaded to our servers.

Import your data

CSV Files, Excel spreadsheets. All tabular data is supported.

Edit the code

If the AI doesn’t get it quite right, you can edit the code directly.

Inspect Every Table

You can see every table created, not just the initial dataset!

Frequently Asked Questions